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2002 Mustang Brake Light Switch Help.

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Hello, this is my first post on this forum, I apologise for it being a request for help, but im running out of options and have come to this site many times in the past and found answers, so here goes:

My 2002 Mustang this morning would not come out of park (it is an automatic for later reference), after playing around a bit, i got under the wheel and noticed a wire had been pulled/broken from the top of the Brake Light Switch on the pedal, I removed the switch and striped back the wire and attempted to replace it in, once put back together i honestly didn't think i would have another problem, but sure enough the car wouldn't come out of park again.

I know the shifter is locked because of the Switch, i've checked all the other lights and whatnot, and everything else works, but all three of the back lights won't come on when the brake is applied. The switch itself seems perfectly fine, im not an expert by any means but everything appears to be in working order, the problem is simply the wire.

Also, i've not soldered down the wire, i wasn't sure if it was needed or not, so if anyone could comfirm that for me, and make any suggestions it would be geartly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any tips or advice, i'll be checking this thread as much as i can today, so anything at all will be helpful.
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You need to replace the switch........
If you can't read a full post, or understand whats going on. Do not post.

It. Is. Not. The. Switch.

I see the average IQ of the members here now, I won't bother looking at this thread again. Why would someone who can't even learn how to use any kind of grammar understand how to work on a car.
Well. Good luck on fixing your problem. I guess I have a below average IQ......
If you know for sure that it is not the switch then what is it? Everything you typed points to the switch being the problem. How do you know that the switch definitely works? Don't go insulting anyone on here because you think you know you're right.. especially when you ASKED for help and suggestions. You'll attract a lot of negative attention and soon we wont want to help you because of your attitude. Just a word of advice.. Don't be a **** and we'll help you out.
have you tried running codes? and you shouldn't need to solder the wires yet but when you have fixed the problem i would recommend it just so they don't come un-tied
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