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2002 Mustang GT Passenger Door Lock Actuator Issues

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Alright guys, I've been dealing with this door on my moms 2002 GT for months now and to be honest, it's killin me inside. The driver side door functions normally from all inputs; the key fob, driver switch, and passenger switch. The passenger side door lock on the other hand doesn't respond to any of these switches. I can unlock it by opening the passenger door from the inside and I can lock it by hand, but any electrical function does not work. I ordered an actuator and replaced the passenger side after troubleshooting around here and other sources thinking that's what it had to be but that still didn't fix it. I tried to check the electrical current running to the actuator by placing the needles into each side of the socket that plugs into the actuator. The reading from the meter I bought read ranges from .7 - .1 when I was testing it on the DCV - 20 setting. Does this mean the actuator isn't getting enough power or is this amount sufficient to run an actuator? With that in mind, I ran to Auto Zone to pick up a different actuator thinking the one I already had purchased was faulty but still nothing. I am no expert with wiring and electrical terminology but am I losing/missing voltage somewhere? Any suggestions would help at this point. Thanks guys!
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It's not clear to me that you understand that voltage will be present to the lock solenoid only when commanded to lock/unlock.

So... Put the VOM on the door lock PK/OG and PB/BK wires set for DC volts. THEN hit the lock/unlock switch. Did you see voltage then?

If so, the problem is in the solenoid. Consider disconnecting the solenoid electrical connection and apply 12 volts directly to the solenoid. Does that make it work?

If not, the problem is upstream towards the GEM.

In the 2002 MY, the GEM has full control of the door and window functions. Having a full set of wiring diagrams is almost a must to trouble shoot a GEM problem. If interested in getting a copy for yourself, I maybe able to help. PM if interested.
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