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2002 Mustang Gt Typhoon Intake Manifold

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I was wondering if any one has this installed on the stang, and if it was worth the money to buy it? any comments would be great thanks
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i bought the typhoon recently for my 02 gt also but i havent installed it yet. i know the big plus about this intake is that its easy to port it since its 3 pieces. they also have it pretty cheap on i paid 618 for the intake, plenum, and throttle body all professional products.
I've bad things about the typhoon intake manifold such as leaks that got into the engine. The new trickflow, p-51 and hardball I heard were the ones to go with but are pricey. Hope everything works out for you man with the typhoon. Just pray it's leak free lol.

Given the reputation for leaks, be extra careful with the gaskets and fit. Check for leaks with a stethoscope, particularly along the joints where the intake sits on the heads.
i put it on a week ago, and it runs really good, i can notice a little power pick up, through mid and upper rpms, i didnt have any leak problems thank god :bigthumbsup
That's great man. I think they fixed the leaking issue they used to have with their intake manifolds, so that's a very good thing.
yeah i think so, i just need to get the upper now and a set of pullies, but i want to go to the track and see what it will run, before i do anything big to the motor. Any Ideas on what it might run?
What mods do you have besides the intake manifold?
ive got the typhoon intake manifold, off road x pipe, flowmaster super 40s, superchips tuner tuned for 93, 4.10 gears, jlt cai
and a short throw shifter
I say mid to low 13's if you can drive and hook up. I'm going to the tracks next Friday so I'm hoping to get into the 13's. Good Luck man:bigthumbsup
thanks that was what i was thinking, well let me know if you go to the track and what you ran, i wanna go somtime soon, hopefully i can hook lol :bigthumbsup
you to man, let me know how you do :bigthumbsup
For sure man, I'll you and the rest of AFM know:bigthumbsup
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