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2002 Mustang GT with headlight question

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Hey everyone I just became a member on here so bare with me. lol I have a question for anyone. I just bought new dual halo projector headlights for the stang and I want to get the 8000k's for them but I do not know the size for them they said that i need 9007 but the headlights are converted so the 9007 are to big. what size to I need ahhh im going crazy I want my blue lights hehe. and where can I get them for cheap lol yeah right. I heard that they go for almost $100 bucks. HELP PLEASE :happydance:
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Welcome to AFM

Can't help you with the headlight problem, don't know too much about the newer stangs, I have a 1967 coupe. Have fun with it all. :headscratch:
welcome to the site,enjoy!!!!
its okay thanks anyways i just got them today and I love the way that they look but i want blue lol
hey cat...what's up halo the h3 and it a tiny bulb...if it is that is what the are...hope this helps ya.
omg you are a freaking life saver thank you so much... so i have to look for an H one lol what can of halo projectors do you have??
Mine ran me around the local speed shop.
:hello: and :welcome , Enjoy the site!! :happydancer:
Be sure to post some pictures into your gallery soon!!
ha thats cute yea i will soon its in the process of getting back to what i had it since i got into an accident so i have to start all over ugh..:weeps:cheerleader:
I feel ya on that...mine got stolen a couple of years ago and i had to replace the whole front end...I have the dual halo projector headlights...they also have 3 led's built into them...i luv them alot...where a great addition to my problem by the way...luv to help out any fellow mustanger any way I can.
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Let's see if we can find you an answer in here.
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