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2002 Mustang: Noise from the front when turning wheel

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Ok so I thought I needed a little grease but knew that mostly they are sealed and dont need grease

Buddy mechanic says that yes they need lube but they are sealed

OK, so what is that??? Now we dont grease we replace I guess

What he did is drilled a hole into the joint and injected some grease and told me that he will replace it when we both have more time.

So far I have been driving on it for two months without a sound lol

That is info worth passing on and why I am doing it
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I have the same problem. it sounds like squeaking noise is coming from the front right but I can't tell for sure. when ever I turn the wheels it makes a highly annoying squeaking noise. What exactly did he do to get rid of it?
OP, you may get better results by posting in the tech section rather than a lighting vendor's section (lol)

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Nick C.
drilled a hole in the side of the joint or the rod and used an injection device like a syringe to put it in. It has lasted a long time now whoo hooo!!!

he did say it will eventually need to be replaced
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