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2002 Mustang V6 Oil Leak?

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Ok so I've had an oil leak for quite some time now, i took it to firestone and had them check it and they said it was an oil filter adapter leak. So i fixed that myself and it stopped leaking from there. Now its leaking further back, which means that wasn't the only leak. I jacked my car up earlier today to take a picture from where it looks like its coming and wanted to know if anyone knows what it might be. I have a feeling that its a rear main, but i sure hope its not.
It also leaks more when it was jacked up.

-2002 Mustang V6 3.8L, Auto.

TLDR: Does anyone know where this leak might be coming from?

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Lots of miles will likely be rear main and the crank will need a jiffy sleeve and new seal otherwise not uncomon for oil pan to leak as it is a silicone seal with a rubber type seal at rear over the main bearing cap. Silicone breaks down and can leak profusely. Good luck!
How did you fix the oil filter adapter leak ? I tried finding the gasket online but you can only find it for a 4.6L S95, not for the 3.8L v6. Any idea where you got the gasket from ?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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