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found a great m112 that couldnt pass up price was great and the miles were very low. i know i can safely get 300rwhp but i want to know what i need. i have the m112 with the tb and thats it. do i need bigger injectors? what about the heat exchanger? and how about a mass air flow sensor? thanks!

edit: i know there is a search feature dont have the time to search so i posted a thread

A very quick search reveals this:
heres a basic list of stuff you'll need.

SSM lower intake manifold adapter plate
Eaton M112
03-04 cobra plenum
03-04 cobra TB
03-04 cobra MAF
larger injectors
larger fuel pump
cowl hood with minimum rise of 3-1/2"
extra idler pulley for sufficient belt wrap
UDP's or oversized blower pulley to lower boost to around 6#
one outrageously long drive belt
a dynotune

some other stuff i can't remember...:so

with the M112 in place, you should expect around 250-270 rwhp when done/tuned properly.

i was considering this for a while and decided against it, mainly due to these 3 reasons:

1. the biggie: no way to intercool it.
2. 3-1/2" cowl hood. where's the sleeper effect ??
3. a roots blower is very hard on the internals of the engine, and, not as efficient.

The search feature is very easy to use:

The lower intake for the M112 is $900.
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