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Hi all!

So...long story short, I'm a computer technician, audio engineer and mustang lover. I'm working on a project that has my brother and I (he's a mechanic) fixing up my 02 stang that I grew up with... from 2002 to now-- we got the car when I was 12, and now I'm 24... Super emotional attachment. Now it gets to be a longish post, sorry in advanced.

It's a coupe, v6, 3.8L, with multiple electric issues, plus upgrades I would like to make. My parents and brother have newer fords (08 fusion sel, 10 explorer xlt 4x4, 11 escape xlt)... I really like the hands-free aspect and auxiliary audio convenience of sync in those cars, and wanted to integrate something similar in my car...

As far as budget goes, I'm getting funding from a few sources, this car is basically a big old thesis project about American history, art and design, ford/mustang legacy etc, so I'm open to a variety of ideas. We have some serious rewiring to do, so I figured I'd ask about mods before we started looking into parts...

I'd like to pull my car into the present with...

-2x cigarette / power outlet (has 1)
-Boost the stereo with some sort of heads up display for ipod + smartphone integration (plus all new drivers and subs)
-steering wheel controls for audio / phone.
-some interior lighting similar to the 'ambient' packages on newer fords.

I am thinking of this kinda like an lx car.

Now, mechanically we may drop a new block in, but I like fuel economy and an automatic, bro likes the idea of a convert... (coyote mpg would make me cry tears of joy...)

So... ideas? I know this isn't exactly cost effective, but we have friends around to get price cuts on parts and such...(like free in some cases)

I've heard of everything from restoring fairly close to stock, to new guts in an old body w/ retrofits, and even putting a Mac mini in the car... if you did it and it worked, I'm all ears.

If what's 'wrong' electrically interests you...

-Driver side Window goes up, won't go down
-Passenger side Window goes down not up
-dome light had issue, wouldn't turn off, killed battery and shorted itself out
-Power / lighter fuse blows as soon as anything is plugged in, even after replacing the lighter and element-dash lights/ odometer work but dim/ cut off and come back on (bumps, thumps etc knock them out, tapping a lot / jarring sometimes brings them back)
-the stereo is stock and the volume knob doesn't work right, I want to replace it anyway

**Don't know if this means anything to anyone--
Back when the car was under warranty, we were driving on the interstate, car wasn't overheated, etc, weather was perfect, completely ideal conditions... sustaining a nice 65mph, with 3/4 tank of gas, and boom. The car just died, like if you pulled the key out, complete kill switch mode. We all were safe... no accident amazingly. ford said they never heard of this before, the car was fine... and they couldn't get any info from the cars computer. never did it again.

Also- the first time the alternator had to be replaced, the new one lasted like a year. Starting acting up, was found defective and finally replaced again.

... I think someone overcharged my AC. it blows hot... but reads fully charged. Eh...

Mechanics -
-needs shocks n struts
-rear driver side breaks have on and off issues
-oil leakage (mild)
-block has like 130k
-power steering pump may need replacing

.... sorry for the long post! I just didn't want to be super vague...
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