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2003 GT Cam Recommendations?

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Hey guys,

So I have some of the basic bolt-ons done (check my profile) and I am currently getting started on suspension parts (subframe connectors, upper/lower arms, etc, all piling up in my garage as we speak) but I am always looking to upgrade power. I want to do cams next but was wondering a couple of things:

1. How many horses can I realistically look to gain with just a performance cam swap?

2. What brand do you guys trust most?

3. Finally, what am I looking at for a labor cost? Is it a two-three hour job or longer?

As always, any and all help is appreciated!
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1. How many horses can I realistically look to gain with just a performance cam swap?

Depending on the cam and assuming we are talking about a street vehicle, 30 hp is a good target. What you will find is although the hp is likely not as high as what you think you want, the response of the engine in the "power band" will be much more responsive.

2. What brand do you guys trust most?
Ford racing of course is an excellent supplier but, considering the cam has such critical importance to the engines performance and life, to me it makes sense to use a cam grinder who will talk with you directly- even modify the cam grind to fit your needs even better. When it comes to making an engine breathe, there are so many variables including elevation, humidity, fuel blends/available octane, most cam mfgs will vary a "core grind pattern" to match the external impactors in addition to the internal impactors- which today IMHO makes the different between and engine that runs well, to one that just seems to run a little bit better, smoother and gets better mileage than expected.

With regards to price...the difference is nil- especially considering its cheap insurance to know exactly who is machining such a critical part for your engine. And remember, advertized lift/duration/lobe separation is just that- advertized and not the specific grind including ramp profile that is used on the cam.

I highly recommend Iskenderian (who I personally know to this day physically tests/inspects every single valve spring before it leaves the shop) & Crower & Chet Herbert & Lunati...all are family owned, been grinding cams for decades, and both will even re-grind your oem cam if possible- saving you even more $.

Comp IMHO is Comp is a mass production (McDonald's type) company which I would avoid....I should almost apologize to McDonald's for this type of comment because they have very strict QA processes in place,- Comp QA varies even on a monthly basis between their cams, lifters, valve springs, etc......lack of consistency is an understatement.

3. Finally, what am I looking at for a labor cost? Is it a two-three hour job or longer?
Plan on the better part of a day.....I would swag.....$600 to $1000 depending if its a dealer or not.
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Hey man,

Thanks so much- lot of good, helpful info there. Also, good point about advising me to go to a reputable cam-guy as opposed to just going with some type of brand and having someone put it in. Kinda like you wouldn't just pop a few Aspirin if you're having heart troubles, you would go talk to a specialist. I really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge!
I used the trickflow cams for my 03 mustang gt convertible. Of course I did drop alot more than cams in mine. I did put these in first several months ago with my stock heads. No problems and did the install myself.

These cams are great, I love them btw. If you need any help inbox me.
Cool man, have heard only good things about them. Appreciate the feedback and the help!
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