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2003 GT Cam Recommendations?

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Hey guys,

So I have some of the basic bolt-ons done (check my profile) and I am currently getting started on suspension parts (subframe connectors, upper/lower arms, etc, all piling up in my garage as we speak) but I am always looking to upgrade power. I want to do cams next but was wondering a couple of things:

1. How many horses can I realistically look to gain with just a performance cam swap?

2. What brand do you guys trust most?

3. Finally, what am I looking at for a labor cost? Is it a two-three hour job or longer?

As always, any and all help is appreciated!
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Hey man,

Thanks so much- lot of good, helpful info there. Also, good point about advising me to go to a reputable cam-guy as opposed to just going with some type of brand and having someone put it in. Kinda like you wouldn't just pop a few Aspirin if you're having heart troubles, you would go talk to a specialist. I really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge!
Cool man, have heard only good things about them. Appreciate the feedback and the help!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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