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I just recently bought a 2003 GT with only 21,000 miles on it - I felt like i had really scored :D - until a few weeks ago when it started to cough & just stopped - it was determined that the fuel pump was the problem - it only had 20/25psi & it shouldve tested out at 55/70psi. The fuel pump was replaced. the mechanic thought someone might've sweetened my tank because the screen on the pump was covered with a white dust. well in the past few days the "stang was coughing again. we took it out this am & hit it & it went to 3,500 rpms & just fell on its face - so i took it in again & i've been told that the gas tank needs to be replaced - it has become 'delaminated' .
i bought this from a dealership. it didnt have a warrantly when i bought it - the mechanic is going to replace the fuel pump & filter again - no charge to me - but i have to pay to have the tank replaced. by the time they are done, i'm into this for over a grand - :sosad:
have you heard of this?
is this something that happens normally or a problem in ford gastanks??
what would you do?
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