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2003 Mustang GT cranks but won't start

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My Mustang last ran (flawlessly) a month ago. Just charged the battery and it cranks and cranks but not a hint any attempt to fire up. There is a quarter a tank of gas. It is almost as though there is some electrical cut out preventing ignition. There is no smell of gas so don't think anything is flooding.

I have never worked on this car. In the old days I would pull a spark plug and see if it fires - now I can't even find a spark plug!

Any help would be appreciated.

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Try locking and unlocking the driver's door with the key. If you have a key FOB, lock and unlock with the FOB.


Does it start now?
Many thanks. I had not dis-connected the battery and the THEFT light had gone out after three seconds before though am not sure the fuel pump worked.

However I have just locked the car and then unlocked it with the key.

I turned the ignition, waited the three seconds for the THEFT light to go out, then cranked it and it fired right up!

I am so grateful. Thank you very much. :thankyou
When you turn the ignition to on but not start, can you hear the fuel pump kick on? should last about 2-3 seconds. Go under the hood and find the schrader valve on the fuel rail. looks like one on a bicycle tire, push that in to see if fuel spits out. To find the spark plugs, you need to remove the coil packs. you'll see 4 on each side of the motor, on top of the heads.
Yep - the fuel pump does kick on for about 3 seconds and when I pressed the schrader valve it did spit fuel out. I just took it to a gas station and filled her up. She runs like a charm.

I detailed the engine a couple of years ago but have rarely used the car and even then only when it was fine outside. The engine still looks spotless. I did find the fuel rail, coils (is that individual coils for each spark plug? Amazing!), but it looks like it would be hell to work on compared to the simple stuff I worked on in the past! :)

Anyway - thanks for the info.
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