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2003 Mustang GT Tune info

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Is there anyone from Mass or NH that has heard of Pete's in Concorde, NH or Pro Tree in Hudson, NH. If so any idea who's better. I'm looking at getting an SCT Live wire tune after a few mods.
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YES! i go to pete at performance dyno in concord NH. he's a GREAT guy and really knows what he's doing. tuned my car and have recommended him to 2 friends.

one friend is running a vortech v1, got it tuned by dez down in seakonk MA and the thing wouldn't even idle. pete cut him a deal and after 1 session it was running beautifully. puts down 384 to the tire.

another friend has an 05 GTO. we put a full exhaust on it and it dynoed at 371 to the tire. stock they dyno at 340 so not a bad improvement at all.

also, i couldn't pass emissions with the original tune he gave me (SCT initially limited his access to certain parts of the tune... very long story PM me if you really want to hear it) so i emailed him at 10pm on a sunday night, he emailed me back a corrected tune THAT NIGHT and i passed emissions that week.

overall he is a wonderful guy to have tune your car and even to talk to. definitely give him a :bigthumbsup.

oh and don't waste your money on the livewire. just get an xcal3. your tuner will spend most of its life in the closet, no need to spend $500+
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Thanks alot for the info, still a little while from tune, I'll look into different tuners.
yeah if you go tell him that andy the kid with the procharged red mustang says hi. and ask him if he bought his "company" 2011 5.0 yet:rollgrin:
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