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2003 Mustang GT, Uneven front brakepad wear

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Hi guys,


*My front passenger side brakepads wear out really quick

*Front passenger side caliper pistons are continuously pushing the pads toward the rotor (very slightly, but noticeable).

*This resulted in extreme wear on the top of the pad making it scratch the edge of the rotor.


1.Other than replacing the whole caliper, what can I do to fix this problem?

2. Is it ok to replace the front passenger's side pads alone or do I have to replace the driver's side as well?

3. Is it ok to install new pads without resurfacing the rotors?

Thanks in advance! :bigthumbsup
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I suggest replacing at least both sides, and better off all four, then flushing the entire system with new fluid. The reason is that they are eight year old parts, and when one fails its an indication that the remaining are close to failing.

Turn the rotors if they are not smooth. A small score by itself probably doesn't justify turning.
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you will eventually have to replace the caliper, its gonna keep wearing the pads down.
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