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2003 Mustang Keyless Entry Question

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Hello all - I'm a new owner, first ford car, first mustang. When you lock and/or unlock the 2003 Mustang using the key fob will the flashers blink to indicate that the car is locked and/or unlocked?

I noticed that when I unlock the car the interior dome light comes on however the flashes do not flash or blink. When I lock the car nothing happens unless I press the lock button twice and all that happens then is the horn beeps. Is there a programming setting that turned off the flashers? or is there some way to turn it on?

All factory settings, keys, and remotes. V6.

I know with previous cars I've owned I could press and hold the lock and unlock button while the key was in the accessory position and the interior lights would flash and the horn would honk to turn on/off the flasher light settings. I just cannot remember the exact process and wondered if there were steps / settings similar in the Ford Mustang world.

Any help / guidance is much appreciated.
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on my stang the parking lights and fog lights flash when locked, same goes for my F150. I do not know if this is able to be turned off and on however.
Thanks, well at least I now know it IS possible. haha. Just got figure out how to make it happen.

Thanks again!
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