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2003 Mustang, Kicker L7 Square sub box

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Hello, i have an 03 V6 and i already have a system in it. But i bought a kicker L7 square sub and am looking for a sealed box that i dont have to build myself.

Im pretty much on my own with this project as my friends are not very helpful and i am an IT tech, not to good with building things other than computers lol.

I would just like some info on prebuilt boxes guys have found on here that will fit.Im 99.9% sure iam NOT the first person to run into this snag lol. It is just a single sub to.

Also , I would love some dimensions on the trunk opening, since it is such an oddball shape go figure lol.

I do not want to pay 400.00 plus dollars for a custom build box.

Any help would be awesome guys!! thanks alot

Ian :smilie
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have you checked "audio enhancers" they make prebuilt boxes for the L5 and L7. I've used them in the past, nothing beats a custom box imo but they are decent.
Why not use Kicker's enclosure?

I did.
i used scoshe stealth box made for 2005+ mustangs (i can't find them anymore). If you have sirius installed it will require you moving the sirius sat box. I unscrewed the sirius box in the trunk and took off the brackets and tucked it under the sub box.

Scosche custom-fit subwoofer enclosure with 12" sub 2005-up Ford Mustang at
i got it with a crappy sub and ended up throwing the sub away, crutchfield used to sell the box only

as for the l7 it will require cutting the box to a square (don't worry its not that hard). I'm not sure if the l7 will fit due to the depth of the sub, but the l5 works.

other ideas is to use the mtx thunderform stealthbox or the jl stealthbox.
accidental double post read one below (sorry!)
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