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2003 Mustang, Kicker L7 Square sub box

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Hello, i have an 03 V6 and i already have a system in it. But i bought a kicker L7 square sub and am looking for a sealed box that i dont have to build myself.

Im pretty much on my own with this project as my friends are not very helpful and i am an IT tech, not to good with building things other than computers lol.

I would just like some info on prebuilt boxes guys have found on here that will fit.Im 99.9% sure iam NOT the first person to run into this snag lol. It is just a single sub to.

Also , I would love some dimensions on the trunk opening, since it is such an oddball shape go figure lol.

I do not want to pay 400.00 plus dollars for a custom build box.

Any help would be awesome guys!! thanks alot

Ian :smilie