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2003 Mustang mach 1 procharger

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So I have been looking into getting a procharger for mach 1. I plan on getting it for this upcoming spring and don't know how much boost I should push to be safe (its a stock block). I plan on going with all forged in the future for now I want it fast but safe. Im new to super charging im only 19 I have all bolt ons already and worked for everyone of them (no mommy or daddy help) now its time to take it to the next level without blowing my project to pieces. Tell me what you guys know, thanks
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Can't argue with anything Fordman777 said! Depending on the tune, and supporting mods, a Procharger at 8-9psi, will put out in the range of low 420's rwhp to high 460's rwhp. You want to tell your tuner to try to keep it around 450rwhp, or below to be absolutely on the safe side with a stock internal motor. Other than that, have fun, and be safe!
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