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2003 Mustang V6 5 speed won't go into reverse sometimes?

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I tried searching for this topic but only found T-45's not engaging in reverse in these new edges. I believe the V6's had T5's and early GT's had the T45. Anyways my car will go into reverse about 50% of the time then its a struggle getting it into reverse the other 50%. Gears 1-5 are shifting fine, it's just reverse not wanting to engage. It can take anywhere from 2-7 times before it goes into reverse. I researched this and the best I could find were either two bolts are loose on the shifter or bent reverse fork (but these are from foxbody 5.0 T5's). Anybody else experience this in a new edge V6? If it is a bent fork, what's a good ballpark estimate to fix if I were to bring it somewhere? Thanks.

BTW I already tried double clutching going to 1st to R and it seems to help or go from 4th to R but I need this fixed.
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There is not a synchro for reverse so it will always not want to engage sometimes. If you roll the car forward a hair will it go in? Try going 5th to reverse. Those are what I have to do with my T-45. You could check the fluid. Someone else might tell you it is something that is an issue and id go with them and check that out. Even in my new T5 behind my 289 it has troubles going into reverse. The fix is letting it roll slightly or 5th then reverse. Good luck!
I have similar issues with my 03 stang, I believe 6stang02 was right about the synchro, I have the same issue generally when it wont go in I either jam it harder or roll the car a little. Does yours make a wind up sound the faster you go in reverse? or is it quiet?
From what I have heard and read, all the forward gears are helical cut and have synchronizes, of course. I believe reverse is a straight cut gear. My 00 can be a ***** sometimes too. I just put it in first then back to reverse, works 99% of the time first try. If that doesn't work, just need to move the car in the slightest. And that whining sound in reverse is from the straight cut gear. With the forward gears being helical, they "mesh" together, never losing contact if at all for them to make that noise.
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