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2004 GT Transmission Cooler. Need info!

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First of all, great thanks to SoCal2V for recommending I break this sub-thread off from its original placement (under "Tranny goin' bad?" ).

Second, hopefully, some of what I'm asking/discussing here is useful to others. I know enough to be dangerous and haven't done anything TOO stupid lately (OK...moving jack stands while trying to fix a bad jack would count...but that was almost a year ago!). My goal is to learn more about, do more to/with, and teach my kids more about cars than my dad did. Also, I'm enjoying looking at dealers, technicians, mechanics, etc. with a straight face while KNOWING they are full of dookie!

OK...Here's my original post followed by the response by SoCal2V. Thanks for taking time to check it out and give your opinions!


Just took ROSE to the dealership yesterday. I'm swinging by tomorrow (Wednesday) to talk w/ the tech and look it over. Many problems identified however:

I was told that the tranny is slipping because the cooler busted and allowed coolant into the transmission "system".

As a result, I need to purchase a new radiator and have "the system" flushed. [The ominous warning was that there was no guarantee everything would be found and the tranny may start slipping again and it may get worse and doom and gloom and gloom and doom :evil: ]

Soooo...I dusted off my Haynes Repair Manual, did some web surfing and snooped around.

If the ATF is cooled through the radiator, how come there's no connection between the radiator and the tranny? If the "transcooler" is IN the radiator, wouldn't that mean I would need to have the COOLANT system AND the ATF system flushed and filled?

It appears to me that pollution in the ATF system would be a "simple" matter of flushing and filling that system. Afterwards, diligence in detecting any tranny slips would be the order of the day and, at the first sign, another fluid drain and filter replacement would be in order.

Your thoughts? (I'm also looking into the $/procedure for replacing the rag top window. Initial estimate from the dealership...$1800!!!!)

You really should start a dedicated thread for this, you'll get more responses that way.

Next, the shop that told you what needs to be done is correct. New radiator, flush trans out, flush and replace coolant, and then hope for the best on the trans. It could be toast, you might get lucky - it's a tossup really. Recently on a different vehicle I had a pretty good trans fluid leak that although it was repaired promptly, the fluid ran low a few times in between discovering the leak and getting it into a shop, and as a result the trans slipped a few times. It lasted for about a month after the repairs before it went completely out and had to be rebuilt. The clutch packs, or rather the material the clutches are made from are not designed to slip; technically, it only takes about 0.5 seconds of slippage to destroy them.

The trans cooler is part of the radiator, the two systems are separated internally, so yes I would think that flushing the cooling system should be done as well.

Regarding your back window, they are available from aftermarket retailers such as and I think carry them as well. Not sure on the price, but they're not crazy expensive - maybe like $2-300. Take it to a local upholstery shop for install, shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

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