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2004 interior lighting problem please help!

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I attempted to do an interior LED swap in my 2004 Terminator. Everything went fine until I accidentally broke the flimsy connector for the dome light bulb. Then no bulbs worked except for the dome light. But only when I turned on the passenger map light, the dome light would turn on and off instead. I bought a new lamp assembly, and moved the bulbs over. Now the problem followed. I did a little extra troubleshooting this time. If I leave the passenger map light on, the dome lamp will work exactly as it's supposed to. The drivers side still doesn't work at all though. I opened the trunk, and that light works exactly as it's supposed to as well. Does anybody know what to check for this time? Anyone had this issue and know what the problem is? Thank you!
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Vanity lamps work as they're supposed to as well. Just checked them
I didn't do any repair to the wires. Just replaced the interior of the dome lamp assembly
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