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2004 Mustang GT Insurance

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I have been saving for a new car for the past 3 years. I am 18 years old with no tickets or wrecks and was wondering on if anyone had a general idea on what the insurance on an 04 GT 40th Anv. would be for me. Thanks!
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If I had to guess 200.00 or more per month at your age. also depends on the state you live in as well. good luck.
well i have an 02 cavalier and im paying 200 for full coverage with a good student discount.. so im guessing around 300?
It can very depending on insurance company. I'm assuming you will be taking a loan out on the car so you will be carrying full coverage. Also because you are 18 you get a huge rate increase. I pay $118 a month for full coverage however I am not getting the rate increase, and I also get a few other discounts. I would say you will probably be paying as much as $200 if not more.
well i have an 02 cavalier and im paying 200 for full coverage with a good student discount.. so im guessing around 300? I have no idea... I will be taking out a small loan, only 4k so the payments on that wont be to bad
You'll be between 250-300.
aight thats cool. Ill be working my ass of, but eh... i dont care lol.
Yeah i remember when i first bought my car i was almost 18 and i was paying liek 220 a month.
i pay 185 for my 01 gt with full coverage. im 21 now and i'v had the car for 3 years now and it hasnt changed
I am 19, soon to be 20. I have full coverage. And if i had no points, i would be paying approx 3,200 a year. So figure under 270 a month for a brand new GT vert. But since i have a few points (and i got them in my old car, not the mustang) i pay around 4,200 a year.
23 yrs here and I have a clear record and pay around 800 dollars a year. I pay semi annually so I don't raped of money all at once lol.
Damn you kidding the state of missouri.....i own a 2002 Mustang Gt...and my insurance is only 185 a month...full coverage...and for insurance im with state farm...and for an 04 40th ann. GT....My bud has a black 04 40th ann. GT....and his is only ten bucks higher then what mine is...and he is the same age.....hope this helps
im 18 years old to and i drive a 2002 Gt and mine is about $250 a month with full coverage, it depends on your state but i would guess it would be in that area.
Are you going to be in school? Are you going to try to get liability on your parents insurance maybe? There are some serious school discounts you might want to look into.
When I first got my GT I was about 20 I guess... It was over 300 a month but if you wait close to the end of your first policy period just call around and get different quotes. They'll always be someone cheaper and if you don't want to switch companies usually if you tell them you got a cheaper quote they'll drop you down to what you were quoted by the other company
have your parents cosign on the car and putit on there policy and list you as a driver,,,multi car policy will help tons..paying about 120 a month for a 2003 convert. cobra, but im 37.......
I am 18 and i would be paying around 200 a month If i get a 2002 GT vert. Until next febuary if i dont get any tickets or in a wreck because i would be considered a safe driver then. You have to have 3 years of no wrecks or tickets to become a safe driver with my company and mabe NC.
If you get any tickets go to court man... I've had tons and if you request civil penalty you can go to school or pay extra or something to keep it off your record... Worked for me til Feb. One finally stuck. At least that's how it goes in arkansas... I even got a fleeing ticket for not stopping which was a class a misdemeanor and kept my record clean. Who knew after everything doin 32 over in a construction zone would be the thing that got me.
im gonna get quotes soon.... i do get a good student discount. if i go on my parents i will get a home owners discount and multi-car. But i have nation wide and i get raped by it. Im also gonna try state farm and gieco. Any other ones that could possibly be low?
geico will get you too unless your trying to switch and then they'll be competitive. I got a good quote from SF and told geico I was switching and geico matched their price...
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