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2004 Mustang Mach 1... Looking for MAP sensor.

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Hi, does anybody know if a 2004 MACH1 has a MAP sensor?
If so, where could I find it? (location under hood)
If not, what is used to mesure the Air/Fuel ratio?

I went to TREE garages so far, non of them could
tell me if it is suposed to have one or not, nor could they
locate anything under my hood that 'might be' the MAP
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Snipe Hunt

The 99-04 Mustangs don't have MAP's - the MAF system replaced that.
That's right. The 95 Cobra R had the MAF (80mm) too.

I think he's looking for a way to monitor the O2 sensors too, lets see if we are right...
actually it's 1996 up on all the n/a Modulars;)
however the 03/04 Cobra does have one, maybe thats where the other shops we're confused:scratchchin since both are DOHC' what measures the a/f ratio is the O2 sensors, what kind of problem are you having:headscratch:
More Research

Do more research on the company and the product. Google them and see what OTHER customers are saying on the forums about them. I would not trust whatever claims are being made by the seller.

As for the idea, this is a VERY old concept (I used to read ads about machines and carbs that would do this when I was a little kid 50 years ago). Its also something I put in the category of "if it was that easy and it worked everyone would already be doing it".

But keep us up to date. I'd re-check the idea that the car will automatically sense the presence of more oxygen and supply more fuel - the air/fuel map built into the tune will fight that, and you will need to spend a lot of effort getting the computer to cooperate with you.

As with any attempt to extract more of anything from these motors, the TUNE is all-important.

IDEA: You might contact Innovate (makers of Wideband O2 rigs and tuners) and talk with their tech support about your idea and how their products might help you.
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