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2004 Mustang replacement key

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I have a 4.6L 2004 Mustang, and I recently lost the only set of keys I had to the car in a recent snow storm. I've called several local Ford dealers, and one even said they couldn't replace a key on an 2004 (which I think is bull.) Anyway, I've read through plenty of places online, but most people at least had one key when they needed a replacement. My question is what do I need to get a new key? I'm a poor college kid so I don't have a lot of money to spare, but I also don't want to do anything that'll risk messing up my ignition or anything like that. Is there a way to get an uncut key and have someone program it without it being at the dealer? I'm desperate, so anything helps. Thanks for any answers.
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Call some local mobile locksmith services and explain your situation. May cost $2-300 but they can get you up and going. If you have a AAA membership you may be eligible for a little bit of the cost to be reimbursed.

Dealer would probably want to install a new ignition lock cylinder and sell/program new keys, and going by what I've seen others in your situation recently on here and elsewhere I have heard of people being quoted anywhere from $400-800 at the stealership.
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