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2005/2006 Spinner Kits Just Released

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Hi! I had mentioned these spinner kits a couple of months ago and now they just got better. These kits are triple plated chrome aluminum straight winged spinner caps which thread into an all aluminum hub -- the threaded aluminum hub is bolted for security. The kits are designed to fit the 2005/2006 factory wheels for the GT or the V6 and are anti-theft. You can also purchase the kit with a special combo option which allows you to use older Ford, afternmarket cobra or Pony emblems so you have the capability to use different emblems. The optional combo kit will also work on after market wheels so you can still use the spinner kit if you happen replace those factory wheels.

I purchased one of these kits and they are simply fantastic. Far superior then the cheap plastic push through Ford spinner caps. The owner is excellent to work with and is very professional and responsive. The web site is called BRS Parts and the link is I attached some pictures of my Mustang GT with the 2005/2006 spinner kit. I got the kit with the combo option since I do like the idea of changing out the emblems every once in awhile and I might purchase after market wheels.

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I second that, I just got my kit today, looks great and I'll install it next week.
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