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2005 Auto Vert Stuck Parking Brake. Too much tension to disassemble.

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I've read through scores of threads on the parking brake problems that owners have experienced. My situation is a little different than any I've read about.

My parking brake lever is in the down position and the brake is not applied. However, the lever is stuck in the down position and I cannot pull it up. I disconnected the parking brake cables at both rear calipers, no problem. When I crawl under to access where the 3 cables come together, there's way too much tension on all 3 for me to get anything disconnected. I can't get the cable end barrels out of of the "union" they all connect to and I can't get the pulled out from where they fasten/clip into the bracket under the car.

I've read about the tension nut located at the lever, but all the instructions say to pull the lever up 4 notches/ratchets and mine won't budge. Disconnecting the cables at the calipers doesn't seemed to have bought me any slack.

Thoughts or suggestions? Can I removed the center console with the lever in the down position to access the tension nut? Should I force the issue and pull harder and see what happens?

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I think your right on by removing the tension on the lever itself via the bolt in the console. its possible one side cable is froze. can try spraying wd40 or penetrating oil down cables to free up. should be an easy fix. however, how does the car drive? is this a problem with dragging brakes or does the e-brake not work? good luck
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bl187: The car drives fine; the parking brake is not stuck in the applied position, thank God. Nothing seems to be dragging either.

s197gt: I've seen that procedure for removing the console. My concern is Step 3: Apply the parking brake.... I cannot; it's frozen/seized. The lever will not move upward.
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Parking Brake Adjustment at Lever

Forgot, adjustment is without removing console.
Just need to remove small access cover within console storage area.

10mm deep socket used to adjust (loosen in your case) nut.


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If I can reach that nut through the panel with the lever in the down position, then I should be golden. Thanks, s197gt. GREAT pics! :thumbsup:
a 10 mm socket with a short extension should do the trick. the nut will NOT come off the end so turn it all the way out. I had to do this with mine (05). both rear cables were frozen, but you can get enough play in the adjuster to disconnect them from the 'tee' fitting
you will have to unbolt the rear cable brackets also
Thanks for the added points, heliengineer.

Anyone replaced their rear parking brake cables on a convertible? Looking at the procedures and diagrams, it looks like I've got to remove the subframe connector to get the cable bracket on the driver side off. Mine are a hot, rusty mess...
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