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2005 engine swap

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Hope I'm not doulbe posting. I love my sixer and this is just a hypethetical question and figured you guys are the best to ask. I was reading ffmm and noticed the 5.0 block. Would it be possible to buy the block and build it over the years and one day eventually drop it into my 2005 body? What are something that I would have to change? I know mounts and trans would probably a guarantee change right? Is there another block that's better to build over the years and drop in?

I'm just in this phase of wanting to build a motor even if it takes me forever. One thing I am trying to do right now is find an old beat up 289 and rip it apart and build over the years....just makes no sense cause I don't have a car to drop it in. Plus I just think motors with big carburetors are cool looking. Just dreams I guess and want to know some answers. Stuck in VA right now. Be kind of cool if I could find an old beat up mustang here and ship it back to Hawaii for a project. Thanks guys for all the help these past couple of months.
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yes it is possible

there was a guy on another forums that i know that took his 4.6 and swapped it out for a brand new 5.0 from ford racing and he did a HUGE write up on it
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