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2005 GT 1/4 window source

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I ordered and received a great set of old style (totally retro and different looking from the ones currently available) 1/4 windows for my 2005 GT. Had them painted and now want to install and cannot find instruction sheet. I ordered them from Afterthought Auto two months ago. Now I can no longer find them on the web. Does anyone have their address or phone number? Are they still in business? Any help appreciated. :?:
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much appreciated

fitch615 said:
Many thanks for the info. Thats the trouble with getting old, one letter and everything goes. I feel really stupid but I am grateful for your reply. I have made it a favorite on my system. By the way they look great and paint up real well. With clearcoat they look like an OEM part Thanks again. PS If that is your mustang in the avatar it is really sweet :eyepoppin . Mine is Perf White with Blue stripes a la Shelby 1966. Hood Pins, 1/4 louvers, Ford CAI etc.
She is in the garage for the winter. With all the salt and sand on the roads the front would get all messed up. Here is one from this summer before the 1/4 windows were installed. Will post new photos in April when she comes out of the winter cocoon.
redbullet said:
No pics?????


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