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2005 GT 4.6 rattling/knocking noise when turning/accelerating

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Hi community,

I finally decided to open up a new thread to make use of everybody's knowledge, advise and experiences. I already read trough Dingo7222's thread which sounded exactly like the problem I have with my car. But, I checked the motor mounts and especially the spacing of the steering shaft and came to the conclusion that my problem is different from his.

Repairs that have been recently done:

- Lower ball joints
- inner tie rod ends
- outter tie rod ends
- sway bar links
- both front strut assemblies

After replacing all these parts, the noise is still there but it improved slightly. Especially when I'm turning right and accelerating there is a rattling/knocking and grinding noise. Also when accelerating from a full stop or driving on a bumpy road the noise will come up. You can definitely feel the vibrations. Surprisingly, during left turns the sound disappears. I jumped into the passenger seat today and could feel the knocking/grinding/vibrations under my left foot, pretty close to the middle console in about the left center portion.

The intensity increases when taking longer drives and the car heats up. What I also felt was a drop in power when I shift from the 4th to 5th gear, I don't know if this is also related to the issue. When I pull it out of my garage and go to work, (3 miles one way) everything is fine and I can barely feel it.

Does anybody have a clue what it could be? Maybe something with the drivetrain? (shaft)

I really want to get this fixed as its really annoying and driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance!:grin:

*EDIT: Just took it for another drive. After the car and parts warmed up, when accelerating slowly out of a full stop there is a grinding noise in the section mentioned above, accompanied by little resistance until picking up some speed. It might be a driveshaft bearing, that is something that I am guessing right now.
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Strangely I was about to suggest the driveshaft when I read the OP. I would not like to buy a new one, but I would try to find a way to isolate the issue and see if it could be the problem. If other people are not familiar with the drive shaft on this year, it is not a solid normal/typical driveshaft. (I am uncertain about later versions of the mustang) It was designed with a floating internal weight system which is supposed to help with vibrations/oscillations. I have not read anything about what happens when this design ages/fails. It is also a two piece design with added issues of the additional connection and dampeners. So while I would normally never think about a driveshaft causing noise, it was something that came to mind after eliminating the more typical areas.

I would think examining the car on a dyno may help, not that I would get near it in that situation.
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