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2005 GT 4.6 rattling/knocking noise when turning/accelerating

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Hi community,

I finally decided to open up a new thread to make use of everybody's knowledge, advise and experiences. I already read trough Dingo7222's thread which sounded exactly like the problem I have with my car. But, I checked the motor mounts and especially the spacing of the steering shaft and came to the conclusion that my problem is different from his.

Repairs that have been recently done:

- Lower ball joints
- inner tie rod ends
- outter tie rod ends
- sway bar links
- both front strut assemblies

After replacing all these parts, the noise is still there but it improved slightly. Especially when I'm turning right and accelerating there is a rattling/knocking and grinding noise. Also when accelerating from a full stop or driving on a bumpy road the noise will come up. You can definitely feel the vibrations. Surprisingly, during left turns the sound disappears. I jumped into the passenger seat today and could feel the knocking/grinding/vibrations under my left foot, pretty close to the middle console in about the left center portion.

The intensity increases when taking longer drives and the car heats up. What I also felt was a drop in power when I shift from the 4th to 5th gear, I don't know if this is also related to the issue. When I pull it out of my garage and go to work, (3 miles one way) everything is fine and I can barely feel it.

Does anybody have a clue what it could be? Maybe something with the drivetrain? (shaft)

I really want to get this fixed as its really annoying and driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance!:grin:

*EDIT: Just took it for another drive. After the car and parts warmed up, when accelerating slowly out of a full stop there is a grinding noise in the section mentioned above, accompanied by little resistance until picking up some speed. It might be a driveshaft bearing, that is something that I am guessing right now.
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Thanks for the quick replies. I will swap the driveshaft next weekend and see if the problem gets solved. It has about 160.000 miles on the clock. I might order new motor mounts and change the old ones just in case.

I'll keep you updated. :grin:
Well I tried to knock the most common parts out. The vibrations and noise are coming from under the center console, gearbox is fine and all fluids have been changed last year. When driving over bumps the knocking does not show up immediately, it feels like its setting something right under the center portion (under my right foot when driving) of the car up to vibrate with a little delay. The clunking/vibrations are not coming from the front portion. What's interesting is that it increases when the car warms up. Motor mounts will definitely be changed as well. The driveshaft will be delivered tomorrow. I am curious if that will cure the issue.
So the driveshaft has been changed and I can tell there is a remarkable difference as far as smoothness and vibrations are concerned. The vibrations and the noise aren't fully gone but decreased by 80 %. Next things I want to change are motor mounts and the transmission mount. Any suggestions which mounts I should use?

I had another look at the sway bar and lower control arm bushings. The lower control arm ones looked pretty old and done. After the shaft was changed, I took it for a ride. I noticed that some minor vibrations and knocking sounds where coming up when turning right and also when accelerating hard from a full stop. As previously stated they are almost gone (still at the same spot), it's a huge improvement and the car is so quiet now and drives really smooth. Nearly as good as new.

Thanks for your help so far! I'm happy to get some more suggestions and advise! :grin:
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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