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2005 Gt Mustang removing mufflers idle question.

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okay so i un bolted my mufflers on my 05 gt and still has stock H pipe and my idle is very quiet. would my idle and take off louden up if i have the pipes go out the back with no mufflers? ive herd other cars with the mufflers un bolted and always they sound louder then mine and for having no mufflers its not as loud as id thought
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If it was a cold start it would be loud. i have muffler deletes and they are moderately loud under medium load and WOT. nothing extreme in my opinion though
I think it would be louder without mufflers. Aren't mufflers for muffling sound? haha. But I too own a muffler delete axleback and it is a lot louder than the factory mufflers.
I ment I already took them off and I didn't put a delete kit I just took them off so it hangs by the axel. The idle is pretty quiet and I've herd other on YouTube that seem louder. Only thing is they hit the support bar when I drive over bumps and I wanna know how to prevent that and I don't want it coming out the back cuz it seems deeper when it ends under the car
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I wouldn't run it like that for long, there's no hangers between the transmission crossmember and the mufflers, that'll put a lot of strain on the pipes and other hangers. That's why the pipes are hitting things too.

Also, I briefly took the mufflers off when I had my Magnaflow catted X and I was surprised how quiet it was, too. I'm figuring idle is quiet but driving around would be a lot louder. I figure it's also because the sound is being directed down so it's getting lost under the car.
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