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Helping my son who owns the 2005 Mustang GT. Little slippery, swerve to avoid a car that cut him off and hit the temporary concrete dividers - hard. Insurance company totalled and we bought the salvage. So far we replaced the bent rear axle, the broken disc brake rotor, destroyed wheel & tire and pretzeled panhard. The rear seems OK.

The front tires are toed out enough to see visually. The damage was all on the left side so I am guessing the spindle, A-arm or rack is toast on the left side. We did not see any obvious bent parts and took it to a Brakes Plus that could not see anything bent but, they could not align the car.

Is there a 'weak link' in the front end that I should pay special attention to? Our plan is to start removing components until we get that 'Eureka' moment (assuming we spot something).

Thanks for any insights!

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