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2005 gt supercharging

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will supercharging my 2005 gt hurt or shorten the life of the engine ? will it affect the fuel economy ? how noisey are these things ? I have installed a cold air intake,cat back exhaust magna flo, re flashed the computer. I want more power !
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possibly, yes, not very if it is centrifugal, more if it is roots, engine has its limit, and more power has its price... see 2005 V8 engine problem thread...
Get a real good tune on it.
Ontario winter driving

I live in Guelph;

If you plan on driving the car 4 seasons I would reccomend a centrifical system without an intercooler.

You can pm me if you need more local info. I had my Vortech system put in at Steeda in Milton.

Cheers Paul


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Engine life is a factor of how hard you run the car. Generally forced induction will reduce engine life. That's the trade off.

That said, it's up to you to pick which forced induction you want. I've seen most and would recommend them all equally. It's a personal choice. However...

I do strongly recommend the following be considered regardless of what you choose based on what I've seen:

1) Custom tune - Very key. The canned tunes are not worth the risk IMO.
2) Fuel - Depending on boost, you may run out of pressure @ higher RPMs. I did and it ran too lean above 6000 RPMs. Get it check w/ the tune. A BAP, twin pump or possibly getting a GT500 pump will resolve this. I'm currently running a KB BAP.
3) MAF - Same thing. Depending on boost, you may peg it. Get it check w/ the tune. MAF extender will address this (i.e. MAF.ia).
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