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2005 GT - wearing out tires on rear too soon

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Has anyone had any problems (manufacture defects) with their 2005 Mustang GT wearing out tires? I have owned this car since December 2007 and have been through 5 (pairs of tires) on the rear. They seem to wear out about every 12 - 13k miles.

See picutures:


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how do you drive it? I know a lot of people are going to say you drive too aggressively.

It seems in the one that the one side is more worn then the rest. Perhaps your alignment is off. Also, do you rotate them on a regular basis?
My daughter drives this car and while she drives aggressively, there is no reason they should be wearing out on the inside like this. I have had it looked at by many techs. The last one simply said the axle is not right. There has never been any damage to the car in the rear. I think it may have been assembled badly?
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And What tires are you putting on there? the cheapest tires dont always have the best tread wear.

On a side note, my 05 gt's stock pirellies looked like that before I got my new tires. I presumed that they were rotated from the front to the back get some more life out of the tires. Is somone rotating your tires? And if they are not rotating your tires rotating them properly can help with tire wear problems. Rotate the rear tires to the front before they get that worn and run them on the front. Then you can use the good tread on the fronts for the rear.

If you rotate freaquently enough some odd ball wear problems can be evened out buy rotating tires so the wear can scrub even or close to it, while getting better life out of your tires.
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I have generally put Pirelli tires on it. They are the only ones that last up to the 13k mark. I tried Yokohama and they only lasted 7k miles. This is extremely frustrating. Is there anything I can do (acquire) aftermarket parts that will correct this problem?
I use Yokohama and the best tires BF Goodrich ,and looking at your tires you have an alignment problem, your tire wear is very uneven and do you rotate ?

check up on all tire brands you used. you can usually view customer reviews for most tires on some people report very short lifespan of certain tires.

if you used only one brand every time you replaced the tires, those tires may have a serious defect, or are just poorly made.

BUT if you replaced them using the OEM Pirelli PZero Nero M+S all season tires, its almost definitely not the tires' fault... they lasted me FOREVER.
or, if you have the 18" wheels and replaced using the OEM BF Goodrich G-Force KDWS, those generally have at least average lifespan as well.

if the tires you used seem ok after research, look into having the rear axle serviced or replaced, perhaps even the differential (especially if it is a limited slip differential).

I was going to say check the balljoints but then I remembered its the rear of the car you have problems with... perhaps get more opinions on the alignment situation.

good luck! :)

P.S. I just realized, maybe your daughter is doing burnouts in secret! lol, probably not though, just a thought :yelpleased:
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I usually don't get time to rotate before the wear is so uneven it is not safe to put them on the front. You can't align the rear axle - it is straight through.
Tires aren't your problem.

You sure you know how you're daughter is driving it (i.e. Not doing burnounts, or allowing a boyfriend to do so?).

Not likely a manufacturing problem...or an issue with your rear end.

My $.02.
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I usually don't get time to rotate before the wear is so uneven it is not safe to put them on the front. You can't align the rear axle - it is straight through.
true, but what I meant by alignment was checking the thrust alignment angle.

usually this is kind of a b.s. procedure, but I prefer to be thorough in my answers. :D

is the car actually your daughter's primary car or do you just let her drive it sometimes?
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oops, thrust angle alignment**

that's what I get for rushing to answer while I'm working... :nogrinner
They're not just wearing on the inside. They're worn right down to the wear markers across the rest of the tire. It's got to be from doing burn outs and/or improper tire pressure.

I still have the original Pirellis on my 05 with 19,000+ miles on them and they're barely worn.
It's got to be from doing burn outs and/or improper tire pressure.
I completely forgot about tire pressure, go you! :)

+1 on the burnouts as well. that was my first thought, but I assumed normal driving tendencies in spite of that. hence the P.S. at the end of my first post...
Is there little black specks all over the rear bumper behind the tires?.... it is a mustang so if you get the mod bug and just bought 75,000 mile tires figure you'll get 25,000 miles if it rains alot
Trade cars for awhile and see how long they last.
I have just the fix for your problem HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER buy the next set of tires you'll be surprised how long they last after the 2nd set she buys, I know it worked with me when I was a kid.
Only 2 things can cause that wear. 1: As many have stated (Burnouts , Doughnuts, Skidding with the Emer.Brake, or if they are really good Drifting). 2: Check the angle of the rear end. From the front lip of the rear fender opening measure to the rear of the rim. Do this on both sides. Measurements should match, if they don't check for bad bushings or bad lower control arms.
I have had 3 sets on the back of mine. All BFG's and I get atleast 20K out of all of them. And I do drive spirited and have been known to smoke them up now and then.
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The car is her primary car and she drives it back and forth to college.
I have 23K miles on '06 and my rear tires still look brand new...I measured them 9/32nd tread depth when new...and now they're about 7/32nd tread depth (according to VA State Inspection they should be replaced when you hit 2/32nd tread depth) there's plenty of life left to them...sounds like someone is hot-rodding to me. :yup:
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maybe daughter is doing imitation of "Little old lady from Pasadena" ?

She only drives it to school (and to church on Sunday) !
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