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2005 Mustang Exhaust Rattle

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Hi, I'm new to AllFordMustangs. I have looked extensively, and found a lot on this topic, but nothing similar to my problem.

It makes this noise pretty much all the time, at idle, or acceleration. Some other problems I've read about with this sound say that their sound goes away when the car warms up. That is not the case with my car:/ And the time it is most obvious is when I am coming from a stop.

I've looked under the car myself to see if maybe the heat shield was the source, and everything was solid, no ratting with any of the heat shield, so tonight, as I was doing some other maintenance, and was under the car, I turned it on and found the source of the sound. If I put my ear up to the muffler, I can hear it clear as day.

I don't know what to do next, and I don't have a lot of money to take it to a dealer or mechanic to have them look at it.

Any ideas or thoughts would be Awesome, Thanks!
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Why not take it to a muffler shop, and have them diagnose it. Some diagnose for free ( check your local yellow pages). If you need a new muffler, my experience is that they are much cheaper than the dealer. Good luck with your repair.
Thanks! Honestly I didn't even think of a muffler shop :p
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