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2005 Mustang GT Air leak?..Upgrade?

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When i turn on my mustang, i hear a faint air leak coming from underneath. It gradually increases in amount of air loss while it stays idle, and when i drive off.
When I turn off the mustang, the air noise goes on for about 5 minutes. Any ideas before I take it in tomorrow?

Also, I want my mustang to sound "harder". It is a completely stock 2005 mustang GT, so any reccomendations on upgrading would be great. Not extremely loud, but something that helps it sounds meaner when I turn on, rev, accelerate, etc..Thanks!

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I heard something like this on my 1999 Expedition several years ago...

It turned out to be a pin hole in a hose. The hose was the vacuume line -- so it was not an air leak... It was more of a vacuume leak...

The leak was not enough to trip my engine "idiot light", and it cost about $120 for them to fix.
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WRT upgrading, the best bang-for-the-buck is a CAI and a tune. It will not only make your ride sound more aggressive, but it will also make it perform more aggressively.
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