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2005 Mustang GT Camshaft Position Sensor Problem.

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howdy ya'll,
I have come to you guys asking if any one else has had this problem. I recently got a engine code thrown out at me, saying its my "Camshaft Position sensor System A" after putting 1300 miles on the problem (road trip) i finally got around to replacing the part. I even went as far as replacing both sides.

Well after i connected the battery, and took it for a test, the same code comes back up. I have even went to autozone so they could clear the code with a Reader.

Now my question is, What is really the problem? I have noticed some slight power surgeing going up hill at 40-60mph and some times around 10mph.

Just wondering if anyone has any insight on it before i take it into the shop.
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Could be the alternator, as that code can be thrown in the event of a bad alternator causing noise on the cps circuit.
Yep - probably the alternator. That code is very misleading. If you have someplace to check the alternator - do so. I had the same problem - replaced the sensors and the camshaft phaser (IIRC) - code still there. Took it to Autozone - check the alternator and it was crap. Replaced it with a refurbished unit and all has been well.
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