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2005 Mustang GT Door Sill Customization

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Hello all,

Had an idea based on the illuminated door sill plates I've seen on American Muscle and ones that are installed in current generation 'stangs. Problem is, I don't have MyColor or any bells & whistles of that sort (since I don't think they had it back when my car got put together).

Considering money is rather tight when it comes to getting cosmetic things done to my car, I thought of an idea; why not illuminate the door sills myself? Idea is that I get the most bang for my buck (and I think it would be cooler to do it myself rather than just buy one of those $200 door sill kits).

Has anyone done this themselves/what methods did you use? So far I've come up with 2 possible ideas:

-Dremel out the plastic door sill and place EL sheet underneath/wire it into the ambient lighting so that it turns on/off when the door opens.

-Do the same except with LEDs.

Problem is, I have no clue on how to wire them into the car *safely*. Anybody have any experience with this before or know the right direction to point me in?
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Just brainstorming,

What about taking reflective tape in the color of your choice and cutting the letters out of that, it would "glow" when you opened the door.

Reflective Tape
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