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2005 Mustang GT Fuel Pump Fuse Blowing

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Hello Everyone:

I am new to the forum :)

I have a Stock 2005 Mustang GT with 27K miles. Last week while driving the car stopped ( the battery/ alternator/inertia switch seemed ok) , basic testing indicated that the Fuse number 41 (fuel pump fuse blew).

I replaced the fuse with a new 20AMP and its working fine now. Originally it had a 15AMP. I have read all the other forms associated with Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Intertia Switch in order to figure out the root cause.

Realized it could be two main problems.

1. Fuel Filter gone bad ( which i dont suspect as the car is running with a high Amp fuse without any issues ( its been two days)
2. Shorting in the Fuel pump wiring / Relay.

Has any one had the same problem, Any suggestions why this would happen?
Does anyone have the fuel pump wiring diagram and possible places i should check for shorting.

Any guidance in this will be appreciated.
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That's low mileage for an 05. The car could have been sitting for a while, and something gummed up inside the tank and hit the pump pickup. The filter should be replaced every 15k miles. Try that first. And please, please, put a 15amp fuse back in. It protects the related wiring. If it blows again take the pump out and see what's going on.
Ford Service Manuals - Wiring Diagrams

Scroll down to the fuel system diagram.

Is your spare tire loose or is there water in the trunk? The FPDM is in the trunk on the back wall behind the black plastic cover. Water in there or rubbing in the the trunk though the wiring harness or from a spare tire could wear through the harness.
You could unplug the connector from the FPDM and see if the fuse still blows, and isolate the issue to before or after the FPDM connector. A problem up to/before it would be the wiring through the inertia switch up to the fuse box. A problem after the FPDM would indicate a wiring problem between the FPDM and pump (short or harness damaged), or the pump is froze and wont run (thus drawing too much current).
Yadkin: Yes the car had 8K miles till 2010. Have recently started using it( mostly freeway miles). I have replaced the fuse back to 15AMP and no problem as of now. Fuel Filter change is next in the list now :)

Yesterday I revved the car upto 4K RPM, and did some other fuse checks and everything looks good at this point. :bigthumbsup

TexasBlownV8:Thanks for the wiring diagram. You are correct, I have the spare tire loose as well as water bottles in the stang trunk, Ill fix both by tonight Have my figures crossed. My buddy did reset the FPDM connector. Hope that the end of this issue. Ill keep you all posted.

Thanks for your guidance in this. :yelpleased:
Thanks for the advice and the diagram. I replaced the fused back to 15 Amps and tightened the spare wheel( which was loose).

Today the fuse blew up again, I am planning to take it to a car mechanic as i myself dont have the tools to test the voltage and AMPS flowing in the car.

Fingures crossed, Hope the issue gets solved soon. :worship
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