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2005 Mustang GT Painted Side Skirt / Rocker Panel Needed

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I drive a 2005 Mustang GT (Torch Red)

I have recently dented my passenger side rocker panel due to driver error (err.... my error). I was trying to slowly drive my car onto pieces of wood and slowly get it higher so I could fit the jack under it. Unfortunately the two pieces of wood were not right on top of each other. So when I drove a little too far forward it pried the top board upward like a lever into my side skirt leaving a nice indent... and there is another dent from other silly reasons. :p

I am now looking for a torch red painted side skirt/rocker panel. I am even willing to go with a used one with some marks from normal wear and tear, just as long as there are no dents or major blemishes. Mine is slightly scratched underneath, which doesn't bother me too much... but this dent is driving me crazy.

Does anyone know where I can get a GT OEM side skirt/rocker panel in Torch Red (new or used) for a reasonable price? I have looked around and am having no luck finding one.

Thanks for any help!

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Search eBay for mustang take off . In certain also Roush may have them as takes offs as well

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