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2005 Mustang GT vs Z06 vette / GT vs MACH 1

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Ok, so as long as Yorchi has been wanting to run a SRT4, I have been trying to line up against a 03/04 Z06. But every time I would line up against one in the staging lanes, something always happened to where I would end up racing the car ahead or behind.:( One time this resulted in me running with a paseo del sol? which ran a blistering 11.628 @ 57.93 mph IN THE 1/8 MILE. Holy crap Batman...this guy can't even hit 60mph in an 1/8 mile, I was done with the 1/8 mile before he reached the halfway markers (330ft).:heha: Guess he better adjust the fart can for more flow....

Anyway, I have always wanted to race a Z06 because to beat one would be no small feat, I respect those cars, which is why I wanted to race one so bad. I knew I would take him from the line, it was just a matter if I had the top end or not to stay ahead.

The track is at 2710 elevation, and today the DA was close to 4000! So the actual times ran was a 12.634 @ 108.23 for me and a 13.314 at 107.62 for the Z06. Corrected that was a 12.254 @ 111.47 for me and a 12.914 @ 110.84 for the Z06. I finally got one....:evillol:

Also a ran against a friend of mine in a Mach 1. He is pretty much stock engine wise, but has really concentrated on the suspension. He can turn 12.60's at only 104mph! Once again, this is at a track that is 2710 in elevation, so its actually faster than that. So if you watch the video, we leave within 2 1/100ths of each other. He sixty foots a 1.66 while I spin a little and sixty a 1.87. AT THE 1/8 mile mark our times are 8.105 vs a 8.103---two 1/1000ths of a second between us:eyebulge: ...but at the end, I win by a mere .042 of a second. You can see the win light below the time posted. That was the funniest race I have had in a long, long time.

Ok, and also to be fair, my best pass was the first one of the day...but unfortuantely for me it was against a 69 firebird race car. Wheels up, a 1.42 sixty foot, and a 10.16 et at 131.92 mph. Yeah, he blew more doors off, peeled off the paint, and left me for dead. I had to stare at my tach because I couldn't even hear my car. That car in the video made mine look like I was standing still.....
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Great vids , and really nice times !

Your car is sweet, but your friends Mach 1 :worship !
the videos didn't work for me for some reason. sounds like you had a good weekend though.

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