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2005 Mustang GT ZEX install questions

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I know there are several threads posted on here, but most of the vehicles Ive read about are manual and mines an automatic. Anyways im looking to purchase the ZEX wet kit for my car, along with the ZEX TC window switch. I have a few main questions.
1. As for the WOT switch, If i was to be at the track and floor it, due to it being a WOT switch, it would start spraying immediatley as the throttle was put to the floor correct? That is why the TC window switch should lock out first gear and spray between 2800-5400 correct?
2. Im currently running the SCT 93 canned tune in the SF3, i have an off road x, mac axle backs, cmcv deletes and CL racer intake. Would I need colder plugs and a nitrous tune to run a 75 shot? Or could i effectively run the same thing Im doing now, without causing damage...(a dyno tune is in the future, one i get gears and everything else...)
3. Is there anything else i absolutely need to run the ZEX kit? I know many may say bottle heater, remote opened, ETc....those dont seem to be neccessities, as I live in florida and i really dont think a heater is 100% needed for the ammount I will be spraying here and there. I plan on getting the gauge for the there any other expenses needed? thank you
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What did you gap them at? Also running the 75.. is that stock sct tune OK till i bump to 100 with Dyno tune? Thanks for your help too!
I read it, i just saw lots of controversy on it thats all...there was a lot of insight into all of that though...
Also, in programming the ZEX window switch, we would be 00 not 01 correct? we arent waste spark are we? then it would be 08 for v8 correct?
Step 1: TACH signal set-up Number display B and C should be set to the chart below (Number display A is not used in this step):
0 0 = individual coil per cylinder systems where the TACH wire is connected to the coil
0 1 = coil packs that fire in pairs (waste spark systems) and the TACH wire is connected to the coil

0 2 ~ 1 2 = number of engine cylinders, from 2 to 12, where the TACH wire is connected to the tach from the engine electronic controller or distributor
I don't think the window switch is for timing... I thought the programmer is where timing is adjusted? I think that is for basic Tach setup
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