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2005 mustang gt

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Hi guys I recently bought a 2006 mustang gt,the previous owner had swapped the engine out to a 08 model gt engine,the 2nd day I brought it home I started it up in the morning and it ran rough,then died ,started it for 2nd time and it it sound like it was running on a half a cylinder or something,then died and wouldnt start back,just crank,the tow trunk came and I tried to start it fired right up,ran great???My car has been at the dealer I bought it from a week and I dont think they have an idea of what couldve of caused this!!!anyone here ever experience something similiar,my car use to have a supercharged,modded engine so the guy swapped engines to his friends stock 08 engine???
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Great to have you here with us :bigthumbsup
thanks ,the car only has 16000 miles i just have to get it straightened out,my first car was 68 fastback!!!sweet ride!!!
I am sure you will get some ideas/help from some of the member here, good luck.
any ideas,They replaced all of the o2 sensors and said its still running rough
Have the dealership check the operation of the Throttle Body Sensor (passenger side) or the Throttle Activator (driver's side) on the throttle body for proper operation...

I had a similar problem and found that I needed to replace the Throttle Body Sensor... After that replacement, the car ran perfectly!!!

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