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2005 Mustang Mach 1????

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I just talked to my dad and he said he saw an 05 mach 1 and asked the guy where he got it. He said from the dealer. I just went to and found nothing about it. I also hit the mag racks and did not see any indication that they added a new opton or package. I'm sure if there was such a thing every mag would be testing it. Does anybody know what he saw? This seems too soon for this sort of thing. I figure it is some sort of after market thing through the dealer.
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it is aftermarket the dealer installed. there is no '05 mach 1
. . . and if there were to be an '06 Mach I, I think we would have seen something from Ford by now. There still will be something to fill the void for the masses between the Mustang Shelby and the Mustang GT.
There is a shaker available for our 2005's; V6 and GT's. Dealer probably just installed it.
Ford has said that their will be speciality Mustangs, BUT they will follow after the release of the SVT Shelby, so it could be awhile.
If I recall correctly, I believe that the first SE after the Shelby will be a Bullit 'stang, and available in the original green color.
I've also heard rumblings of a BOSS stang. summer of '07 at the earliest. who knows.
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