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2005 Saleen Suspension Kit

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Anyone have this installed on their mustang? I know its a little overpriced, but it seems like a nice kit to me, opinions anyone? I was thinking about putting it in my 2005 mustang gt auto. Is it hard to install on your own or is it best to have it professionally instaled (and if you know any balpark prices and which places might be able to do it in the bay area california)? Thanks in advance :cool:
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I couldnt agree with you more. I was going to go with straight springs but like you said I dont want to have to replace parts later, so the reason this kit looks great is because it comes wiht struts and shocks so the new springs will not wear our them. It will improve handelding/cornering greatly from what I heard. It lowers 1.5 inches, and gets rid of that ugly wheel gap whileout sacrificing ride quality. And 30 days later after installing there should be an allignment done from what I read. As for the roads in Texas, I might stay away from lowering but it depends, sometimes you can get away with it by just going extra slow! Hopfully someone can comment that has this installed and correct me if I was wrong anywhere above, Sonny1213 and I will be diligently waiting!
How much did you pick it up for? I was look at saleen because it was $800 but I have seen the Roush kit for around $1,500 and I dont know how much better it would be then the Saleen kit.
HeiMa said:
My Roush kit will be installed either Thursday or Friday (or tomorrow if I'm really lucky and it arrives at the dealer in the AM) then I'll post my "report" - it is a bit more pricey than the others but I have heard a lot of great things about it. A little less of a drop than the others (1" as opposed to 1.5") is fine by me too - don't want to be dragging to low. :winks
Hmm I wonder if $2,000 (including installation) is really worth it. Here is the link for the roush suspension. I guess no one has tried to saleen? I dont mind paying more for quality, but I just want to make sure thats what I am getting. I dont want to pay $800 for the saleen suspension if I am getting some cheap Eibach.
Yeah, rumors can go either way, haha. Hopefully someone can post that has the saleen installed so I can compare it to yours when you post later this week and then I can make my decision! I thought alot of people would have the saleen installed, but I guess I was wrong.
HeiMa said:
I'll let you know at the end of the week! :eyepoppin

Remember, this is a full kit - not just the springs. When I priced the FRPP kit it ended up about the same - less for the kit, but installation was more for some reason - came out to about $2200.

As for the Eibach being Saleen thing - I would check on that, like I said - "rumor" and you know how those can be sometimes. :winks
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