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2005 V6 Ford Mustang New Clutch Rattle, Vibration Noise

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Was hard to get into first gear so had Mike's Transmission in McKinney Texas install a new clutch kit for my 2005 V6 Ford Mustang. He said that he used the MOOG kit.

Ever since the kit was installed there is a Rattle or Vibration Noise coming from the transmission while the car is idling. When you rev the engine while in natural the sound goes away, can only hear the sound while idling. I took the car back to the shop and they looked but could not find anything that is loose.

Is this normal?

YouTube Video of the noise
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Thank you Yadkin for the reply, Do you think bolts or something could be loose? I am going to talk to the owner next and see what he will do.
I called and said I wanted to talk with the owner and then the shop foreman called me back in the morning and wants me to bring it back. I will let you know what they find out. There was a thread about the same thing that is happening and the guy and his friend pulled the transmission and the fly wheel bolts were finger tight 😳 A couple days after the work was done my car would not start and I was about to jump it off but seen that the positive terminal was loose, I tightened it and then it started right up, maybe they forgot to tighten that up and maybe there are other things that did not get tightened.
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For anyone who is having the same issue and stumbles upon this. The issue was with the clutch parts, they had to put a new clutch parts in.
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