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2005 v6 mustang T5 trans Hard to get into gear

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I was out cruising around and I had floored it not long before this happened. But when i get to the top of a hill at normal speeds and stop at the stop sign, it was almost impossible to get my car into gear. I tried 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th gear just to see if they would engage and nothing.

After using my manly strength I got it into gear and when i went for 2nd it was pretty hard but a bit easier. Then it progressively went back to normal effort to engage gears.

Ive always had difficulty getting my car into reverse also. Usually i would just go for 5th and then go back to reverse and it would be alright. same with 5th gear sometimes it is difficult.

Anyway I am not sure on what is wrong. my ideas are bad synchros or something wrong with the clutch assembly.
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I've had this problem with my 07' since i bought. I've taken it to the dealer probably 3 or 4 times just for this problem and they keeps saying its normal. -.-

Also my tranny is super duper noisy.
weird. I think this has happened before though where it just locks me out of any gear. Maybe my car doesnt like hot weather, its been about 90 and humid lately.

By the way, do you find that your clutch pedal (any other s197 v6 drivers) is harder to push in compared to most other cars? Ive been in other vehicles of other makes and they all seem pretty dang light in comparison.

Anyone know if its common that the clutch lines may have a bubble in it and then i am not able to really fully disengage the clutch?
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My clutch is exactly as you described. Im 100% sure that my car has had tranny and clutch problems since the day i got it..

I've even driven newer 4.0s that don't have the issues mine has! so frustrating.
What year is yours? mines 2005
I've got an 05 w/ 38K miles. My clutch is very easy to push. No issues with getting it into gear either.

If it's hard to push, clutch pressure plate is bad.

If air was in the clutch hydraulics, clutch would be easier to push, not harder.
yeah i figured it would be easier if there was air.

But i got my car at 9600 miles and now at 36000 and the clutch has been like that the whole time. Maybe the last person did one of two things, either beat on the car or installed a performance clutch (totally doubt). I remember talking to another guy who had a performance clutch on his 06 gt and that thing was a bit harder to push down than mine.

Back to not being able to shift, its done it before too. any ideas on either subject?
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So i was in stop and go traffic today for about an hour and it started to get difficult to get it into first gear. Come to think about it up to 3rd gear was hard to get into. I had to put some effort into it. Mostly from dead stops it was pretty dang hard to get into first.:frustrated:
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