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2005 V6 performance upgrades. Advice and Comments please =)

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I'm not very smart when it comes to engines, sound systems are more my specialty and I just got a 2005 V6 Mustang and I want it to run like a beast! I would like to know if all the following equipment will fit my car and if they will run together in harmony. Please give your two sense :)

Engine Upgrades:
-Steeda Cold Air Intake with SCT SF3 Custom Tuner
-Ford Racing EV1 Style High Flow Fuel Injectors 42lb
(Could someone suggest the right cam, valve springs, mass air flow meter, headers, and intake manifold?)

Drivetrain Upgrades:
-SPEC Stage 2 Clutch
-SPEC Billet Alluminum Fly Wheel
-Steeda sport shifter
-Motive performance plus 4.10 gears for 7.5 rear
-Ford racing 7.5" 28 spline traction - LOK limited slip differential
(Could someone suggest a lightweight driveshaft?)

-Magna flow dual exhaust catback system (do I need a conversion kit from single exhaust to a true dual? if so what kind?)

My goal is to increase the horse power and torque without hurting my gas mileage to much. Any suggestions about my list, things that need to be added or removed are welcome!

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get long tube headers. if u go shorty theres some on ebay or in classifides.

as far as exaust u can get an H or X pipe to go dual, i however just cut my y pipe and ran true duals but u got a good plan!

im glad i dident go 4.10 gears though, i like 3.73 alot better...but 4.10's will get you off the line in a hurry!
i agree with keith on this one, go LT headers if your budget allows it, as far as the gears go, dont go any higher than 3.73 if you have a stick.

as far as driveshaft, i think has an aluminum driveshaft you could go with.

i know keith will agree with me on this one, but a Screamin Demon coil will do wonders for your acceleration and HP.
American muscle does not carry drive shafts for the 2005+ mustangs. Shaftmasters makes a nice aluminum driveshaft. Tom morena racing and supersixmotorsports offer heads and cams for the v6.
ahh, i must have thought about the driveshafts on
doyou have to change the stock tune to use the screamin demon coil?
doyou have to change the stock tune to use the screamin demon coil?
you dont need a tune for the demon coil. shaftmasters is on my summer list for a driveshaft. those boys are from my old stomping grounds. doing heads and cams is some big bucks.
btw,,welcome to the forums and AFM. always nice to see more v6`rs.
doing heads and cams is some big bucks.

Tell me about some big bucks, and when you add a new engine and stroker kit to the list plus install and dyno time, your close to 10k :happyhapp
I just put a new driveshaft in my v6 and I am happy with it. In my opinion if i can feel a noticeable difference in acceleration it was worth it. I think its worth it, however I would say to wait a little bit and see if they come down in price. I got mine new for 550 on ebay from Coast driveline.
Also if you want a CAI and dual exhaust Ford Racing Performance makes a kit where you get a Cold Air intake, a complete dual exhaust system, a tune and a higher flowing oil filter for pretty cheap. I got mine for 850. I would reccomend that kit.
Thanks Guys lots of help!!
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