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2006 GT HVAC/Climate Control Problem

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I have a 2006 GT. I am having some trouble with the Climate Control/HVAC and I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this problem. The climate control unit would sometimes be stuck on defrost, sometimes the floor. I thought it may be a loose connection in the wires and I could jiggle the wires and get it to switch from floor to windshield to vent. However, when I jiggle the wires, the fan stops working. I checked the wires and their doesn't appear to be any nicks, the connections to the switch appear okay.

Now the unit is stuck on defrost no matter what the switch position is moved to.

Thanks for the replies in advance.
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Have you had any water leaks around the passengers wheel well. SJB
If you search around you can find directions for removing the stereo. That will pretty much get the center stack controls disconnected for you. It might not be the wires but the unit itself. I'd take the switch unit and blow it out with compressed air. Could be that the control box just crapped out and needs to be replaced.
I tried a new climate control unit and that didn't seem to have any impact. Both units are stuck on defrost. Jiggling the wires in the back, the fan turns off and on. I checked all the related fuses and they seem to be okay.

Would it be a bad wire harness?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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