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2006 GT S197 Rattle/Clicking when clutch disengaged

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Hello, I have a 2006 Mustang GT Manual Transmission. Everything is stock. 73500 miles. Original Owner.

I have no problems shifting into any gear. The clutch does not slip when starting out in second or third gear. But...

After accelerating normally in first gear, when I push in the clutch for the shift to second (2000 rpm or higher), a loud rattling sound happens for about one second (until the rpms come down). The sound is kind of similar to the "wheel of fortune" noise when you spin the wheel, but deeper. If I keep the clutch in, the rattling stops, and then I can let the clutch out and accelerate normally in second gear. If I let the clutch out while the rattling is happening, I can accelerate but the loud rattling/clicking continues even louder and faster. At this point, I press the clutch in, wait for the loud rattling to stop, then let the clutch out and accelerate normally. This mostly happens on the transition from first to second and from second to third. It does not happen in the higher gears very often. I seem to have full power when I accelerate in any gear as long as there is no rattling. It usually only happens during cold days or in the morning but it is starting to happen more often than that. After I have driven for 10 minutes, the rattling will not occur when I push in the clutch and it is harder to recreate the rattling. Also, it seems to happen more in a turn than when going in a straight line. For example, when I start off in first gear and make a turn, half way through the turn I push in the clutch for the shift, the loud rattling starts. Lately, I have been keeping the car in first gear through the entire turn, and then shift to second after the turn is complete, and the rattling is kept to a minimum. Or, if I am coming off of the freeway after I downshift to third, and as I am going around the cloverleaf with the clutch engaged, while throttle steering the rattling will occur as I let off the gas.

Anyone know what is wrong?

Thanks for the help.
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Three things come to mind.
1) Clutch chatter
2) Pilot Bearing going out
3) Bell Housing separator plate

For the first, if it is clutch chatter, probably the slave cylinder isn't lifting the clutch all the way off the flywheel and you are getting chatter. Does the engine seem to be decelerating faster than normal?
If this is the issue, you will need new clutch, slave cylinder, and pilot bearing. Possibly resurface or replace flywheel if heat checking is found from chatter.

For the second, the pilot bearing could be going out and causing noise in the higher RPMs with the clutch disengaged. Do you notice the sound/chatter follow the speed of the engine spinning down?

For the third option, this is what DennisG mentioned. There is a TSB from Ford on this issue (TSB 09-18-16). Google for the PDF to understand the issue. Here is a forum thread that discusses this issue (see last post with picture of plate scraping):

Here is a self-fix way of curing the issue if this is the issue and you don't go with replacing the plate with the revised plate with rib:
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